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Pattern #A23498

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  • Added by: ConfessorKahlan
  • When: 11 years ago
  • Strings: 13
  • Rows: 79
  • Colors: 4
  • Views: 11152
  • Photos: 8
  • Rating: 5
Perry, platypus, agent, p, disney, phineas, ferb, candace, animal, platypuses, platypi, platy,
A-GENT P! I love Perry the Platypus! He's awesome! So... yeah. This is pretty self-explanitory. If you don't know how to do different colors, see the tutorial Multi-Colored Alpha Bracelets and use String Substitution While Tying method. Note: If you ask me how to do different colors for this bracelet, I will not answer you.

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