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marissa?? wrote 13 years ago

do you think that you could use more diagrams to show how to make the friendship bracelets, like different kinds and types of friendship bracelets, because the videos dont have the best quality and are hard to see and they only show the two standard kinds of friendship bracelets. thanks ??

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Meghan98 wrote 13 years ago

Hi! How long dose it take to post your patterns! Thankyou for your time!

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AmHam wrote 13 years ago

Kiki♥☺☻♦ 827;♠?◘○♀&# 8616;?↓↑♫☼& #9658;♪↕∟↔ Well one reason could be the kind of sting you're using. or it could be too moist

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K wrote 13 years ago

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jannickv wrote 13 years ago

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