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Color Challenge #7 - October - November 2021 by Celicia (moderator) 12 days ago

Color challenges

Color Challenge 7: this time we propose two color palettes to choose and you can knot the pattern you want, normal or alpha. You must first use the colors from the palette and if your pattern has more than 5 colors you can add whatever you want. If your pattern has less than five colors, you should choose them only from the palette.

Make sure to include the text "COLOR CHALLENGE #7" in your photo.

Also this time we are going to propose a pattern and you can use all the colors from the palette or at least one color from the palette and the rest you would choose to your liking.


On the page of each pattern you have the possibility to change the colors and experiment with combinations. If you want to save some, take a screenshot and save it to your device for later reference

Have a nice knotting!
We hope to see your photos here!

Note: We remind you that if you want you can do the previous challenges as there is no deadline

RE : Color Challenge #7 - October - November 2021 by Scootercat 10 days ago

Ohhh can’t wait to try this!!!


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