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Strings length by Odanak1811 2 years ago

Hi everyone! I have done a lot of bracelets so I know better now the length I need for my strings when I do a bracelet. Here is the method I use to guess what length my strings should be (different colors in the same bracelet might not have the same length). Here is the average length of strings for bracelets that use equally each color (ex : pattern 1, 2 or plaid patterns) :
9- strings : 80cm
10-12 strings : 90cm
13-15 strings : 1m
16-18 strings : 1m15
19-21 strings : 1m30
22+ strings : 1m45
Those are the lengths for strings that makes a normal amount of knots, if it makes more or less knots, you have to adjust the length of the strings between these length (longer if it makes more knots and shorter if it makes less knots) :
9- : 60cm to 1m
10-12 : 65cm to 1m15
13-15 : 75cm to 1m30
16-18 : 80cm to 1m45
19-21 : 85cm to 1m60
22+ : 90cm to 1m75
I only made bracelets with 22 strings or less so if you make very big bracelets this may not apply to you...
I hope this will help you to choose the great length of strings when you will do your next bracelets :)

RE: Strings length by Neo7 11 months ago

Thank you. Very helpful.


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