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big braclets by ron 14 years ago

I love to make big big bracelets lik the penguin and duck bracelet, but i always mess up...can some one give me any tips???

RE: big braclets by Pand 14 years ago

In which ways do you mess up? Is it that the pattern doesn't turn out right or is it that it curls??

RE: big braclets by kbtwin1 14 years ago

I find that dividing the threads into different groups instead of just one big braid or knot at the begining really helps with the flow.

RE: big braclets by ron 14 years ago

i mess up with the bracelet...it doesnt come out right...and some times it curls

RE: big braclets by usr324 14 years ago

Well, there could be a number of reasons why it may come out right. 1) You don't tie the knots tightly enough. 2) You are only making a single knot on each thread.

RE: big braclets by ron 14 years ago

i was only making a single knot...thanks for letting me know

RE: big braclets by usr324 14 years ago

oh ok. I used to do that sometimes too.

RE: big braclets by usr671 13 years ago

ohh that happened to me one time during the penguin bracelet but i figured out what happened its sometimes because whhen u bring the string over the wrong way.

RE: big braclets by heyitsalyssa 12 years ago

What do you do when it curls?

RE: big braclets by morgankenzie23 11 years ago

mine curl because i make them too big. If you make them the right siz to fight your wrist they are less likely to curl


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