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Why was my tutorial deleted?

Why was my tutorial deleted?

Answer :

1. We already have a tutorial on that subject. Have a look at the tutorial section -- we might have integrated your tutorial into an existing one.

2. Your tutorial was incomprehensible and/or confusing in its instructions, and had no pictures or video. As a rule, the moderators will contact you, and ask you to improve your tutorial in a certain amout of time (e.g. two weeks) before the tutorial will be deleted. Moderators will proof-read, edit and rephrase tutorials to help out, but we will not add pictures and videos to every 6- or 8-thread pattern tutorial which the original creator has abandoned.

All newly created tutorials that consist of poor instructions, confusing wording and no pictures of the process will be deleted after 24 hours. Make sure you have your pictures ready when you start your tutorial - or, at the very least, a picture of the finished product.

3. Your tutorial consisted of nothing but a title! Make sure you are able to finish your tutorial when you create it, or at least a significant part of it.

4. Your tutorial was a collection of tutorials already on the site.

5. Your tutorial consisted of nothing but a video. Videos to patterns belong in the video section.

6. Your tutorial was nothing but a link to a tutorial on another site.

7. Your tutorial was copied and pasted from another site. If you are using an idea for a tutorial you found elsewhere, please use your own wording, or, if English isn't your first language, and you don't feel comforable enough to do so, please add your own pictures.

8. Your tutorial was not a tutorial, but a personal blog entry. Do not create tutorials with topics like "What I did during my summer holidays" to add a picture of a collage of your bracelets :-P

9. Your tutorial had nothing to do with friendship bracelets! All tutorials should either be about bracelets (e.g. the Ankara bracelet, or the beaded bracelets) or involve knotting of some kind (e.g. the sweety turtles, or Mandala flowers). Please do not create tutorials on random crafts!!