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Why was my Pattern rejected?

Why was my Pattern rejected?

Answer :

Your pattern was rejected for at least one of the following reasons.

(1.) It was stolen or copied from another site or book!

(2.) The moderators deem it an inappropriate pattern for this site. No patterns that include weapons, violence, sex, genitalia, hateful/racist slurs, swear/cuss words or other kind of rudeness will be accepted. Patterns of swords, bows and arrow, lightsabers, rayguns and other fantasy/sci-fi-weaponry are exempt from this no-weapons-rule.

(3.) It is almost exactly, or very very much like patterns we already have.

(4.) The pattern is too obvious how to make or is too easy/simple (e.g. candy stripes, chevrons, rag-rugs, vertical gradients, and checkerboard alphas!)

(5.) The pattern is completely random.

(6.) The pattern was larger than 125x125 knots. Any patterns larger then 125x125 will be rejected to save server space.

(7.) It was a simple flower design Kumihimo bracelet pattern, we already have way too many of them!!

(8.) It was a simple name or word pattern. Name/word patterns will also be rejected if you add a swirl next to it, or a heart, smiley face, peace sign or anything like that. We do allow logos, and of course entire alphabets!

(9.) It was a name or word pattern using a fancy font. If the font/alphabet you used is already on the site the patterns will be rejected!

(10.) It was deemed, by the moderators, to be too personal, and unlikely to be created by anyone other than the author.

(11.) The moderators deem it an incomplete pattern.

(12.) The pattern has already been submitted multiple times in slight variations.

(13.) No new patterns will be accepted that are just multiples of one pattern (e.g. the 12-thread-version will be accepted, but not the 24-thread-version, or 36-thread-version, etc.).

All users who copy patterns from this site, or from other sites, will be banned for a week for stealing.