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How do you become a moderator?

How do you become a moderator?

Answer :

The current moderators were all asked to become mods because they were hanging around on the site ALL THE TIME and also because they seemed loyal, clever, mature and they had good knowledge about friendship bracelets as a whole.

To "employ" a new moderator should be a natural act for the current moderator group.

If you want to become a moderator, stay active on the site, help people in the forums and also make lots of patterns. In that way, we can get to know you better and see your skills. If you are interested, send a private message to one of the moderators (see the link Admins at the bottom of the page).

The procedure is like this: First we take a look at your profile. We look at language skill and age (we don't accept mods under the age 18). Then, we take a look at your contributions to the site. The most important things are normal patterns and photos. This is because we want to know the level of your bracelet making expertise, and your knowledge about patterns. After this, the current mods will discuss you and then we decide if we will make you moderator or not. A good idea is to upload impressive photos and patterns and after this contact a mod.

The moderator "job" is about:

Being active on the site and helping users, accepting or rejecting patterns/photos, editing patterns, and locating trolling users and banning them.