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What is a moderator?

What is a moderator?

Answer :

The following is a list in no particular order of all the responsibilities of a moderator:

1. Answer questions in the forum and the guestbook, and offer advice or links to the tutorials. Answer private questions posed to the moderators by mail or via the forum.

2. Check, accept or reject normal patterns. This requires an active knowledge of the patterns on this site as well as on other sites, to ensure that no stolen patterns or duplicates will get published.

3. Check, accept or reject alpha patterns. No simple name patterns will be accepted if there is a pattern for the entire alphabet. No patterns will be accepted that have been taken from another site, or copied from a picture without the owner's permission.

4. Check, accept or reject kumihimo patterns.

5. Check new links to make sure they aren't broken, and don't lead to inappropriate sites.

6. Check new photos, and if need be, transfer them to the correct pattern or tutorial.

7. Check profile pics.

8. Check unchecked similarities.

9. Check unchecked videos to make sure they work and/or have no offensive content.

10. Check unchecked keywords and remove all useless and unhelpful keywords.

11. Check unchecked user information to make sure the profile pages contain no foul language or anything otherwise offensive.

12. Check reports on anything from harassment to site bugs.

13. Check unchecked tutorials, edit the tutorials in regard to content and language and ensure that they are helpful, sensible and understandable. For the sake of order there can only be one tutorial for each subject, and any duplicates will be deleted. If they contain any new and useful information that will be transferred to the original tutorial.

14. Ensure that users follow the Terms of Use.

15. Participate in the moderator forum.