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Video help? by burnm3w1thf1r3 12 days ago

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I'm trying to replicate this pattern http://friendship-bracelets.net/pattern.php?id=86825. I went through the steps but my final product did not turn out like the sample picture http://friendship-bracelets.net/gallery.php?id=101157. So I don't know what I did wrong. Looking for a visual guide or something along that line. Help?
RE: Video help? by Stefanie7 (moderator) 12 days ago

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Arismende mirrored the pattern, that means she folllowed the pattern first, then she knotted a diamond without pattern and then she knotted the pattern again, but backwards.
When you just follow the pattern you get just one of the outer parts of her bracelet.
RE: Video help? by burnm3w1thf1r3 11 days ago

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I understand that. I meant more so that my replication didn't look like the first half of her bracelet. Mine just looked like sort of jumbled colors.
RE: Video help? by Stefanie7 (moderator) 11 days ago

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Oh ok, can you perhaps show us a picture. There are many bf and fb knots in the pattern, they are more difficult to pull tight. Perhaps you should pull the fb and bf knots more tight and the other knots less tight, so that all knots have the same size. But this only a guess without a photo of your bracelet.
RE: Video help? by kleinevos (moderator) 10 days ago

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I agree, it?s hard to help without seeing a picture. It could also be that your knots ?flipped?, meaning that you see colors of both strings instead of only the one that made the knot. Make sure that the string that is knotted onto stays inside the knot, by pulling it tight enough to prevent the flipping.
RE: Video help? by burnm3w1thf1r3 8 days ago

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This sounds like it. I don't have a picture. I gave it as a gift and forgot to take a pic, but what you both said sounds like my issue. So I should tie the angled (where its right and left or left then right) tighter and the others loser? I'll try that. And I'll take a pic. Thank you both!
RE: Video help? by kleinevos (moderator) 7 days ago

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All knots should be tight. But the knots you mentioned are harder to knot tight so they need a bit more attention. :-)
RE: Video help? by burnm3w1thf1r3 7 days ago

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Ok I'll try to keep a mind for that. I just started today, I only have 1 row done. Something of concern that maybe you can help me with. The diamond that the author did before reversing the design, it looks as if they have all 4 of the color(red?) and separate 2 going one way and 2 going the other. But if I follow the design there should be 6 strings in between. How do they get the double wide row if the strings are that far apart? (in the diagram, it would be the A strings, when you finished the pattern the ending strings are A,B,C,D,D,C,B,A,A,B,C,D,D,C,B,A).
RE: Video help? by kleinevos (moderator) 6 days ago

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I answered under the picture. I hope it?s clear now :-)
RE: Video help? by burnm3w1thf1r3 6 days ago

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Thank you, I read it and i understand the mirror part that you explained, but how do you make a 2 knot wide part with only 1 string. That's the part I don't see. Anyways, I'm 8/40 rows into this, so maybe tonight I'll have a picture to show and get help/suggestions on.