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(( Projects )) Amazing Rubber Band Bracelet

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1 - Written Tutorial
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Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

You will need:

1. Hair rubber bands, in many different colors. (Hair rubber bands are the small plasticy rubber bands you get at claires or the dollar store)

2. A paper clip or jump ring

Step One: Take one rubber band and slip it through the side of the paper clip that doesn't have the double-loop end. Fold it in half upwards around the clip.

Step Two: take the next rubber band and thread it through both loops of the first rubber band. Fold upward and in half again. Repeat this with any rubber band colors/patterns you desire.

Step three: Take the last rubber band in your bracelet and thread it on your clip at the double-loop end. Slip on your bracelet, and wear!

Video Tutorial

Alternative: If you are using a jump ring to make an earring or necklace or ring, you do the exact same thing. Keep the jump ring closed until the end, then you open it, slip on the last rubber band loops, and close it again.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!


The original author of this tutorial is WhiteWolf101 but it was also edited by Sareana, Jeckle, MeerkatsRule10 and k_marie.

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