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(( How to... )) Cardboard Loom

1. Gather some cardboard, a ruler, an exactoknife, and a pencil. (scissors won't work well, but you can try.)

2. Measure your cardboard until you have a ftxft square. (foot by foot) slice it out with an exactoknife. (Use really stiff, thick strong cardboard, because if you use flimsy cardboard it won't hold your strings taut when you are using it.)

3. place the ruler against one edge of the square. Every half inch, make a mark with your pencil. You should have anywhere from around 20-25 marks.

4. Where you see marks, make a little notch with your exactoknife.

5. Put the ruler on the exact opposite side of the one with notches. At the six inch mark, make a pencil line. Cut a notch right there.

6. You can draw on your loom or paint it. Let it dry, and don't use anything that would cover up the notches.

7. To use it, take a couple of strings and knot them at the top. Slip the knot into the single notch at the top, and put the strings in one of the many string notches right bellow it. The loom will serve as a clipboard, keeping your strings tightly in place.


- WhiteWolf101


The original author of this tutorial is WhiteWolf101 but it was also edited by ScruffyPup, Kestrel and k_marie.

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