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(( Projects )) Pen!

Hi again! I made a pen covered with thread and have now put together a tutorial. I hope you like it!

You will need:

2 lines of 2 m (~6ft) each

A pen with a cap at the end

Step 1: Take the end out of the pen.

Step 2: Fit the ends in the pen.

Step 3 : Place the end of the pen back in the barrel.

Step 4 : Begin making box knots, or take both strings and tie forwards knots

Step 5

When you have finished knotting, burn the wires to prevent fraying.
If you have used embroidery thread, hit the wire with nail polish. (Thanks WWJCD)


The original author of this tutorial is Mica__96 but it was also edited by gracebri, ringette08, creativitygirl, Huntress, k_marie, annie4horses and wildrose9.

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