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(( Projects )) Pencil Case - a making of

You need a pattern (mirrored or not, but repeating) with about 180(after mirroring) strings.
I used this awesome celtic pattern by ViscumAlbum:
(5 times mirrored, but 4 times would have been enough!)
Each string should be about 170 cm long.
Thicker cotton thread should work.

This is the way how I mirrored the pattern:

The knots in the middle are all fw knots...

Fix the strings to a stick or wooden spoon.
Fix the stick or whatever with thread and safety pins on a cushion.

Tie - following the pattern - till your "rug" is about 20 cm long.
(This may take weeks!)


Tie two hexagon based circles following the graphics below:

(added some new pics from my website www.knuepfwerkstatt.de.vu

You need to add about 14 rounds.
60 - 80 cm for each double string should work.

Cut the finished hexagons in a circular shape (or tie it circular by leaving strings out in the last 6 rounds).

Cut all strings of the 3 finished pieces.

Sew the pieces carefully together by hand; use twine.
Keep the seam inside!

Add the zipper and sew it. Keep it open while sewing.

Its's Finished! Good Job! :)


The original author of this tutorial is Nimue but it was also edited by happybunny, Acid, 2_friends and k_marie.

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