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(( Projects )) How To Make A Duct Tape Friendship Bracelet

Step 1. Cut out a 10 inch strip of duct tape.
Step 2. Cut that strip in half.(About an inch)
Step 3. If you want 3 colors (Probably the easiest thing to do) Follow step 1 & 2 with 2 other colors.
Step 4. Set one of each color aside.
Step 5. Fold each strip in half, but leave one end partially open. (Please see photo)
Step 6. Overlap each open end onto eachother.
Step 7. Put a small peice of tape on the end to keep the strands in place.
Step 8. Overlap the strands just like your braiding; the tighter you braid it, the smaller it will be.
Step 9. Keep doing this until the braid is finished.
Step 10. If it needs to be longer, then get the other strips that you set aside and attach them onto their cooresponding strip. (I didn't need to extend mine because I have a small wrist)
Step 11. Take off the "safety tape" and wrap the braid around your wrist.
Step 12. Use the excess tape on the end on the bracelet to secure it together.
Step 13. Have fun making them! Your friends will love them!


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