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(( Projects )) The Beaded Wrap Bracelet

This is the method they use for making those beaded wrap bracelets like you see in stores and on HSN for $25 dollars.

My theory is why pay that price when you are capable of making your own? Enjoy!


For a normal one layer you will need 2 feet of "border" string folded in half and one beading string about 4-5 feet long.

Hold the border string and the beading string together then make an overhand knot leaving a bit of a tassel at the ends for decoration (and to make sure your knot doesn't slip!)

Note: To add clasps just knot the three strings and start your pattern. Go back after you are finished and add your crimp ends and clasps.

For a multi-layered bracelet you will need to add one foot of length per additional wrap to all strings.

☼ Normal one-wrap you need 2 feet of border and 4 feet of beading string.
☼ For a two wrap bracelet increase to 3 feet of border, 5 feet of beading.
☼ For three wraps increase to 4 feet of border, 6 feet of beading. Etc.

You know crafting is in your blood when you can go to a store and recreate expensive things for under $1.00!

P.S. Sorry for being a bit spacey, I was sleep deprived.

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The original author of this tutorial is BeyondBracelets but it was also edited by Stefan, ScruffyPup, k_marie and kleinevos.

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