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(( Bracelets )) Semi-Detached 6 Strand Bracelet

Table of contents
   0.0 - Materials and Set Up
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Step by Step
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Step 1
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Step 2
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Step 3
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Step 4
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Step 5
What I call a 'semi-detached bracelet' is a bracelet which looks like it would be made of pieces of more than one bracelet.

Okay, it's quite easy.

Materials and Set Up

Six strings of any colors you want, but I would recommend you start with three of one color and three of another color.

For this tutorial, we'll have three yellow strings and three blue strings.
Put them like this 111222 or 112233 or 123456

Step by Step

Step 1

After that, start and make six rows.

Step 2

After 'knotting' six rows, split the strings in three pairs. One in the left, one in the middle and one in the right.

Step 3

Start 'knotting' each pair of two like they would be different 2-string bracelets.

Step 4

After it can almost fit your hand, put them together.
Knot A over B than over C then over D then over E then over F, then B over C then over D then over F than over A and so on, and make like this three or six rows (if you first made three, make three, if you first made six, make six)

Step 5

Finish your bracelet and Enjoy


The original author of this tutorial is deedee99 but it was also edited by charitybracelet, Gracie04, Sareana, Jeckle, bri796, k_marie and Alicat.

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