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(( Patterns )) How to tie #9306 - rag rug

Creates a "dot" effect. Similar to speckles.

1. You need 8 colors. Length will vary depending on what you plan to create. Cut to size, do not fold in half, tie a knot at top & arrange 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. Your colors can all be different (as in the picture below) or you can have a certain layout in mind. Just have 8 strings.

2. Do a forward knot, starting from the left. String 1, far left, with string 2. String 3 to string 4. String 5 to string 6. String 7 to string 8.

3. Take the 1st and 8th string (after you have done the forward knot in step 2) and set them aside. You will not need them right now.

4. Starting from the far right, do a backward knot. String 7 to string 6. String 5 to string 4. String 3 to string 2.

5. Bring down string 1 and 8 (the ones we set aside) and repeat step 2-4 until length desired is reached.

Tip: It may not look like anything at first, but as you go on, you will start to see the pattern. And if you want your bracelet to look even nicer, add beads on the sides. If you add beads, it looks really cool if the bead is the same color as the string your making the knot with.

Trouble noticed: If you chose to have different colors for each string, be careful! You may get a little confused and forget which string goes where. Just remember placement after a forward and backward knot. Labels help too.

Basically, all you do (work in pairs) and do forward knots on all the pairs, then backward knots on all the pairs..I believe this can work with as many strings as you want, or as little as 6 strings ~~~~NOTE BY GRACEBRI~~~~~

also check out the video by beyondbracelets!!!! It helps alot!


The original author of this tutorial is GIMS_Girl but it was also edited by Ulaniad, gracebri, Foz, k_marie and Alicat.

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