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(( Closures )) Ending a bracelet with loop-and-braid

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   0.0 - Shaping
   0.1 -
knotting the loop
   0.2 -
Finishing the backside
[h1]How to end a bracelet with loop and braids.[/h1]

This way of ending a bracelet gives a nice symmetrical adjustable closure if you use it for both start and end of the bracelet.
It also makes the braids smaller than usual. And you can put both braids through the opposite loops when tying the bracelet around your wrist. That'll reduce the risk of loosing your bracelet when the knot comes undone.


This part is called shaping. It's explained in this and in this tutorial.

knotting the loop

Choose the colors you'd like to use for the braids.

Fold the other strings: the strings on the right to the left, the strings on the left to the right.
Leave out one string for making the knots around the loop. In this case I decided to also leave out one string on the other side because the strings were not long enough to cover the whole loop. You need about 30 cm for the whole loop.

Make larkshead knots around the strings.

Pull the folded strings when you are halfway the loop to tighten the loop.

Proceed with larkshead knots on the other side of the strings that are going to be used for the braids.

In this case my string was a bit too short. That's easily solved by taking another string, either out of the bundle (at the point where the last larkshead knot ended) or, in this case, from the other side of the loop.
*You can also start knotting the larkshead knots on both sides of the loop and add these two strings to the braids in case only one string will be too short to cover the whole loop.

The loop is finished. The loose string end can be pulled through the loop with a needle.

Finishing the backside

You can just cut and glue the string ends, but I like to finish it like this:

This is the backside.

Make a few larkshead knots around the two bundles of strings that come out of both sides of the loop.

Knot the two strings that were used for the previous knots together.

Repeat the last two steps

Cut the strings and glue them to the back of the bracelet if needed.

Finished :-)
Now you only need to braid the remaining strings.


The original author of this tutorial is kleinevos .

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