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(( How to... )) Make Starting a Bracelet Easy

This tutorial has been made so it is easier for you to start your bracelets. All you need is an extra string, preferably black in most cases. Make the extra black string about 3 feet long for a bracelet 20 STRINGS AND UNDER. The put it blatantly, you just to 2 rows of alpha background at the beginning of your bracelet. THIS TUTORIAL WILL BE EXPLAINED IN A WAY FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO TIE ALPHA. For those who are able to tie alpha, I have made a pattern for you, which is at the bottom of the page.

f/k = Forward Knot.
b/k = Backward Knot.

Setup: This is just an example, not how you HAVE to do this. Order you strings as follows:
Extra Black String, red, yellow, blue, blue, yellow, red.

Step 1. Tie a f/k with black onto the left red. Then tie another black f/k onto the left yellow. Another f/k with black onto the left blue. Then tie f/k with black onto the right blue, followed by the right yellow, then the right red. Black should be on the right side, and you should have a black stripe at the top of your bracelet.

Step 2. Now do step 1 again, but backwards. Tie a b/k with black onto the RIGHT red. Then tie a b/k with black onto the right yellow, followed by the right blue, left blue, left yellow, and finally, left red. Black should be back where it started, on the left side. Cut off you black string at the bracelet, and start tying your bracelet. This procedure can be done with any amount of strings, I just used 6 as an example. Good luck, and the pattern for alpha tiers is below:


The original author of this tutorial is kallum but it was also edited by Stefan and k_marie.

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