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(( Bracelets )) Candy Corn Friendship Bracelet

This is not a 'regular' pattern but I will do my best to type it out.

Material: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss

You will need: 3 full black threads and 1 full of each yellow, orange and white. Each thread should be 55-65" (inches) (or 165cm) long.

NOTE: Two of the black threads will be added unfolded (full) while the last (3rd) black thread will be folded to form a loop along with the yellow, orange and white.

? String Setup Guide ?

Pair up your threads so you have them set as:

Black/Black (full) Black/Black (half) Yellow, Orange White

FOR THE FIRST ROW ONLY: For the very first row you will take both full black threads and treat them as a single thread. Work across (to the right) as a candy stripe to the right using each thread as two in the order black (half) yellow, orange and then white. This will not be part of the repeating pattern- it is only for the very start of the bracelet.

Note: After you make your initial candy stripe with the long threads they will remain on the right side of the bracelet.

Repeating Pattern:

Use the left most blacks, yellows, oranges and whites as individual pairs - black 3fk/bk yellow 3fk/bk orange 2fk/bk and white 1fk/bk.

With the longer black threads to the right- For the first pass hold the unused black thread against the white threads (3 threads together) and make a backward knot with your working strand-Continue with 2 more backward knots over the (orange) and (yellow) pairs... finish with a BK/FK over the short black threads.

With the second long (right) strand (gathered in with the white) make a backward, backward forward and a forward knot.

Go back to the previous long black thread (the bk/fk) and continue forward with 3 forward knots- for the third forward knot remember to pull in the other (right) long black thread against the white.

After completing start again to stack the pattern.



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