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(( Projects )) How to Make A Knotted Owl

To make this owl, you will need:
1 keychain ring or key ring clip
1 pipe cleaner (about 3 1/2 inches long)
2 beads (pony beads work well, or any other round beads with large holes)
3 colours of thread

*In this tutorial, the threads will be referred to by colour to follow the pictures. Also, if you don't know any of the knots, check the other tutorials*

1. Cut 8 pieces of yellow, 4 pieces of blue, and 4 pieces of red. 70 centimeters should be plenty long enough. Fasten them to the pipe cleaner with lark's head knots, arranged like this:
1 = yellow 2 = blue 3 = red K = keyring
12123311 K 11332121 <-- This is correct. The first couple of pictures are inaccurate.

2. Tie all four of the red strings on each side into a large overhand knot. This is optional, but it will help keep the beads in place. Also tie the middle 8 strings (4 yellow strings on each side of the keyring) into double-chain knots, about .5 centimeters long.

3. Slide the beads onto all four of the red strings on each side. Take 2 of the red strings from the left and tie them in a forward knot over the 4 yellow strings closest to the left. Then take the remaining two red strings on the left and tie them over 2 of the yellow threads at a time, so that the second set of red strings will be making 2 forward knots. Repeat the process from the right side.


4. Macrame the left and right sides to curve around the beads. End close to the middle threads, with blue being closest to the middle.

5. Tie the middle blue strings into a chevron (blue strings are doubled, tied across all other strings doubled).

6. Next tie the yellow and blue threads from the middle of the macrame into chevrons.

7. From here, tie normal chevrons. It's up to you how many rows you want to do. Keep in mind that if you do more than three chevrons, the colours will cycle around and you will have a stripy owl. In the picture, 3 chevrons are tied after step 6.

8. For the legs, separate the strings into 4-8-4 4-8-4. The far left and the far right and both sets of 4 center strings are tied using either the chinese staircase, the double-chain knot, or simply by tying 2 strings in repeated reverse knots around the other two. The picture shows the repeated reverse knots.

9. The middle sets of threads can be macrame, staircase, or double knot (the picture shows the threads in macrame). Then fasten the ends and you are finished!

Variation - Use a paperclip instead of a keyring, but make sure the double loop part of the paperclip is at the top. You can also try a safety pin.


The original author of this tutorial is JPIZZ but it was also edited by coco, Stefan, piggyfan2, BarmyBracelets, MeerkatsRule10, k_marie, kleinevos and Maa.

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