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(( Bracelets )) Cross Bracelet

Hello! :)

This is a very easy bracelet tutorial! ;D

Good luck! <3

Things you need:

- string: about 150 cm, plus a short piece for the cross : about 30-40 cm
- a short piece of straw : about 3 cm

Step 1

Put your long piece of string alongside the straw.

Step 2

Wrap the string around the straw. The string goes from the front of the straw up, and at the back of the straw down again.

Step 3

The string goes up again in front of the straw and to the left, making a X.

Step 4

Wrap the string a few times around the straw, to the left. About 5-7 times is enough.

Step 5

Put the end of the string through the straw, from left to right. Pull it all the way through.

Step 6

Slide the straw to the right. Pull the string till the knot is tight. You can adjust the placing of the knot a little while tightening it.

Repeat to make more wrap-knots.
At the end you can make the last knot with the beginning of the bracelet alongside the straw to make a sliding closure.

To complete the bracelet you can make a cross at the end of the bracelet:

Making the cross

Step 1

Make one knot like the tutorial above. Make another knot next to the first knot, with a small space inbetween.
Make a third knot next to the last one. You can make the knots with less wraps if you like, that'll make the knot a little shorter.

Step 2

Take the shorter string and knot it inbetween the first and the second knot with a regular forward knot.

Step 3 and 4

Make a wrap-knot with each of the ends of the shorter string, close to the other string/knots.
You can cut and burn the ends if you used nylon string like I did. If you used normal string you'd better first make the wrap-knots at the sides(with the shorter string) and wrap the second and third wrap-knots around the ends of both side-knots as well. (Like the sliding knot.)
That way you'll only have strings sticking out of the bottom of the cross.


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