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(( Projects )) Paperclip Bracelet Rack

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This is a simple and quick way to make a beautiful bracelet holder that can be easily attached to a bulletin board (or wherever else you might want it).


- Paperclips
- Wood (thin enough that the paperclips fit around it and the length you want the finished rack to be)
- Duck tape (thin duck tape is easiest so that you don't have to rip it narrower)
- Scissors (for cutting the duck tape)

This bracelet rack was designed by hananiah and liz010 (we're sisters). After we made our racks, we decided to make a tutorial for this awesome site, but only had a short leftover scrap of the wood we used. Because of that, the rack created in the pictures below is very short. You can of course make yours as long as you want, though.

Let's get started!

Step 1

Take a paperclip and bend the outermost long end slightly outward.

Next, bend the other two corners to create a sort of triangle.

Step 2

Take the wood, and slide the paperclip over it.

If the paperclip will not slide onto the wood: Either you may need to bend the paperclip a bit more so that it will fit, or your wood might not be the right size. If the latter is true, you will either need to get new paperclips that will fit over the wood, or you may need to bring the paperclips to your local hardware store and find a piece that's thin enough.

Step 3

On the backside of the wood, push the rest of the paperclip that's sticking out forward so that it's relatively flat against the wood.

Adjust the part of the paperclip sticking to the front, and a hook will be created.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1 through 3 until you have as many hooks on the wood as you want. Space then approximately 1 in apart (or as wide as the tape you'll be using is).

Step 5

Now it's time to secure it with tape!

Take your tape and scissors, and on the backside of the wood lightly press a strip of tape along the back of the paperclips.

Step 6

Take the roll of tape, and wrap it around the wood in between two paperclips.

If the tape is too narrow or too large to fit: Gently lift up the strip of tape on the back and adjust the paperclips to the distance apart that will allow for the tape to fit perfectly in between.

Step 7

Repeat step 6 in between all the paperclips.

Step 8

Now your friendship bracelet hanger rack is done!

Hang it up on a bulletin board (or a desk or wall) by drilling a small hole on either end to nail it with. If you do not have access to a drill, you can also figure out alternate ways of hanging it such as taping it with more duck tape.

Now, hang up all your bracelets and show them off to everyone!


The original author of this tutorial is hananiah but it was also edited by .

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