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(( How To... )) Flatten Curled Bracelets

If you'll go to the gallery on this site you'll see that most of the bracelets aren't removable. Once you've tied one on your hand it's there for a long period of time, and when it does it curls up and hides its pattern. The solution is simple - iron the bracelet using a clothing iron or a hair straightener.

Clothing Iron

Use it when you can untie your bracelet. I find it harder to use because it's too large for a small bracelet and it's really annoying to flatten this way a tied bracelet.

Hair Straightener

I think this is the best solution for every case. Here's my curled up bracelet (pattern #4001) next to my hair straightener:

First you get the beginning of your bracelet between the two straightener arms, then you press it until it's flat.
Note: DO NOT HOLD THE STRAIGHTENER AN AREA FOR MORE THAN A COUPLE SECONDS! Trust me I have made the mistake before when straightening the ends of a bracelet.

repeat for the rest of the bracelet:

Wait for it to cool and the result is a flat bracelet you can iron anytime:


The original author of this tutorial is Leah1234 but it was also edited by iheartmrbump and Alicat.

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