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(( How To... )) Peruvian Textile - Look A Like Bracelet

Hi all.... I was trying to make a simple "Peruvian textile" not by woven method but by alpha. It's only a look a like Peruvian textile-bracelet but more simple and anyone can make it. Well it turned out quite awesome, even though it need more effort to make it.

*So I'm using a cotton yarn here, but you can try using DMC or other yarn you prefer. And i make the alpha with short pattern to put in the middle of my bracelet.

*Make your favorite alpha pattern (i prefer geometric pattern) i used Alpha pattern A53909

*when you finished your alpha and put a medium yarn in the back of the finished alpha, then sew both edges along the bracelet so it attach each other.

*Leave the rest background yarn to make the rest of wrap bracelet.
* I use a button at the end of the bracelet. Or you can also insert a thick wire , so you can adjust the shape of bracelet...

Well that's all i think.. it wasn't difficult to try..so happy creating!

ps: sorry for my English, because it's not my mother tongue language.


The original author of this tutorial is chipee0405 but it was also edited by Kestrel, Me_Gusta and iheartmrbump.

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