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(( How to... )) Add Paracord Buckles to Friendship Bracelets

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1 - Adding Paracord Buckles to Friendship Bracelets

Adding Paracord Buckles to Friendship Bracelets

This is a tutorial about how to add paracord buckles to friendship bracelets. I also use these buckles to make dog/cat collars too. This is my first tutorial so I hope I explain everything. You can find these buckles at just about any craft store. I found some great deals on EBay too.

The first thing to do is to make Larks Head Knots to one end of your buckle. If you do not know how to make larks head knots here is the link to the tutorial for those


Untitled by kornkob95

i usually use black electrical tape to tape the buckle down to the clipboard because it comes off pretty easily when you are done and doesn't leave any sticky residue on my buckle

Untitled by kornkob95

Next you would just make your bracelet as you normally would.

Untitled by kornkob95

When you are done with your bracelet now its time to attach the other end of the buckle to the end of your bracelet.

First i start by just doing a simple tie with each string onto the buckle

Untitled by kornkob95

Untitled by kornkob95

Make sure when you get them tied on you get them all tight. It should look like this on the back

Untitled by kornkob95

Next I take the first string and make forward knots with that first string all the way across

Untitled by kornkob95

Sometimes I do a second row doing all backwards knots but for this bracelet I only did one row of forward knots.


Untitled by kornkob95

Next I cut the strings close to the knots

Untitled by kornkob95

Untitled by kornkob95

Last thing I do is i use some Tacky Glue to glue the knots. This may not be necessary but i have always used glue to make it be more secured. I like Tacky Glue because it dries clear and doesn't feel scratchy

Untitled by kornkob95

Untitled by kornkob95

For this tutorial i used a Normal Pattern but Alpha Patterns work as well

Untitled by kornkob95


Untitled by kornkob95

Let me know if there are any questions!


First tip is if your bracelet is an odd number this is what i do

First i take a string and just have one end smaller

20130425_104357 by kornkob95, on Flickr

then i use the lark heads knot to tie it on

you can either pull it behind like this

20130425_104713 by kornkob95, on Flickr

and then tape it behind it

20130425_104846 by kornkob95, on Flickr

or you can just put that little string behind all the strings and push it to the side

20130425_113035 by kornkob95, on Flickr

20130425_113118 by kornkob95, on Flickr

Another tip

I use the background string when I make alphas and use that in the bracelet so its doesn't have to be glued behind it

I will show you

After i do a few rows and a half and then I take the background string I started with that is off to the side.

20130425_114732 by kornkob95, on Flickr

Next I put the string under the other strings so i can use this little string to make knots on the base strings

20130425_114826 by kornkob95, on Flickr

Now that i used that string to knot more on my bracelet it will not stick out on the side like when i started

20130425_131441 by kornkob95, on Flickr

I hope these extra tips helped!

unfortunately all my strings are white so i hope this makes sense. Sorry about that!


The original author of this tutorial is kornkob95 .

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