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(( Projects )) Flower Ring

This tutorial will show you how to make a flower ring !

You will need: scissor, nail polish, crochet.

Step 1

First choose your colours.
Mine are red (rosu), orange (oranj), yellow (galben), green (verde), blue (albastru), indigo (indigo), violet (violet) [(ROGVAIV- romanian version) RYGVBIV], also known as rainbow colours.

Your strings must have 60 cm/23.6 inch !

Step 2

Now we will make a loop where we atach the future petals of the flower.
Take some scraps thread (if you have, if you don't have take 10cm/3.9 inch) and braid 2.5 cm/0.7 inch.

Make a loop from braided part and pin it to your cardboard, clipboard, etc. You can make even a circle made from fbk knots (11 fbk its enough).
I use a pliers for blankets.

Step 3

Now we'll start to make the first petal of the flower.
Through the loop you will put your first string. In my case the red one.

Now we will tie the red string where the ends of the loop meets

After we secured the loop with the red string, we start to make fbk. I maked 13 fbk.

Then you'll bend it in two.

Take one of the two red strings and put it trough the loop.

Then you'll tie it on the back side of the flower. To do this you must turn your work on the back side, pin the petal and tie it.

Turn it with the front and cut the parts from the loop that you do not need anymore.
DO NOT CUT the strings from the petal !!!!

Then turn over again and secure all this with nail polish.

It will look like this !

Repeat step 3 with the other strings.
After you finished all the petals it will look like this !

Step 4

Now we will make the ring !!!
Turn the flower backwards and split the strings in two bunches.

Take one bunch and start to make macrame knots.

After you reach the desired lenght you'll make an over hand knot an you'll leave a space (about 3 mm/0.1 inch) between the macrame part and over hand knot.

Then you'll make the other half.

When you're done put the half with the over hand knot over the other half.

Then make a tie in the space that you leave it free.

After you tied well make a over hand knot and you're done !!!
Don't forget to secure the over hand knots with nail polish !


Tip: I put nail polish over the flower, front and back, in order to strengthen !!!!

I hope that you'll understand what i tried to show in this tutorial !

Enjoy !


The original author of this tutorial is Andreea_R but it was also edited by Kitkatja and Kestrel.

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