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(( Patterns )) How to tie #2982 in a rainbow

1) Choose 18 colors of the rainbow that flow nicely together. Make 3 of them red, 3 orange, 3 yellow, and so on through purple. The red, orange, and yellow will be the white strands and the green, blue, and purple will be the black.

2) Use two strands for each color you chose. Start with red and green on the left, then orange and blue in the middle, ending with yellow and purple on the right.

3) If you look at the pattern you can see that there are more white strands than there are black strands so make your last yellow color three strands and your last purple only one.

Since this is a larger pattern it helps to keep the strings together with three smaller knots rather than one (you can see it in my picture) it just helps will organization.

I really love this pattern and I hope others can make it too!

sorry this picture is small! if you need to see it i think you can magnify your page


The original author of this tutorial is smiles123 but it was also edited by Jeckle, Macarrones and k_marie.

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