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(( Closures )) Adjustable Fastener - Sliding Knot

I have a new and different way to fasten your bracelets making them adjustable. You will need a bracelet with a loop at the start, and one braid (or any number of braids {I like 2}, you'll see why it doesn't matter) at the other end.

We will start with the loop end. Flip your bracelet over so that the side you want visible is facedown.

Grab the top of the loop and pull it down and behind. If you do this like I did in the pictures, you will see two small loops.

Now, the two loops are laying flat next to each other.

Think of the loops as pages of an open book. Shut the book. Bring the two loops together two form one small loop.

Viewing this from the side (like in the picture) the loop sticks up out of the back of the bracelet.

Bring around the braid(s) at the other end. It does NOT matter how many braids you use. No matter how many braids you have, treat them as one braid. Experiment with different numbers, because all it does is change the finished "look".

So stick your braid through the small loop.

Pull at the bracelet by the loop to tighten the loop down onto the braid.

Now you have a knot on your braid(s). This knot slides freely up and down the braid(s) so you can have as much or as little braid as you need. The ends of the braid(s) will just hang; after you have tied your loop down into a knot, you may want to shorten the braids so that the hanging ends aren't so long.

But otherwise, you're finished!


The original author of this tutorial is TrudyBerry723 but it was also edited by meimei and kleinevos.

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