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(( Projects )) Circle, with an Asterisk

Hi, people! Now I'm going to teach you how to do a circle with an "asterisk" in the middle, like this:

1) You have to cut 7 strings (60 cm aprox) and another string, the same color, a little bit longer.Attention if you want to put a ball in the middle of the circle, you have to leave about 5 cm in the top of the string.

2) Now the largest string is the guide, knot the others strings:

3) Cut a string, other colour, and knot it in the first string, not the guide.

4) Now you have two string of the same colour, knot them into the next white string, like this:

5) When you finish knotting the strings, do it again into the next, but only one colour. Cut a string of another colour and knot it below the previous. Then knot the blue string below the brown.

6) Now knot all the strings in order, one blue, two brown and the other blue.

7) Knot two strings. Cut other string of another colour and knot it below the previous. Now knot the others.

8) Now finish knotting until the last white string.

9) Do you remember the white guide? Well, now you take it and knot the others white strings into the guide.

10) Now the same, but to the other side.

11) This step is only for who wants to put a ball in the middle of the circle. Do exactly the same one more time. You'll have something like this:

Cut a short string, white in this case, and do a knot on top.

Put the short string between the guide and the first horizontal white string (the knot of the short string have to be under the second string.

12) Now do the same as before, knot the white strings into the white guide, but don't knot the short string, you have to leave it until you finish the circle.

13) Now, finish all the parts of the circle, always the same steps, you'll have something like this:

14) The short string you knotted before, you pass the ball into it. Now put the short string above the guide and under the first white string.

15) Start knotting the strings, like the previous steps, but only one line, don't return the guide.

16) Turn the circle, knot all the white strings to put together the two white lines.

17) Turn the circle again, you'll have something like this

Well, the moderators asked me to explain how to finish the circle, it's like this:

I made other circle to show you, a little bit bigger.

Now we cut the strings around the circle:

And keep cutting.

Now we turn the circle and cut the white strings.

Keep cutting and then burn them.

And that's all!

I hope you like the tutorial, sorry for the bad english, i think you'll understand the pictures better than the description.

*Pictures will be added back as soon as that’s possible again!


The original author of this tutorial is Ayli but it was also edited by Bugchick1238, a08a, Kestrel, RPiper11, miss_jessy08 and kleinevos.

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