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(( How to... )) Anchoring the bracelet while tying it

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1 - Clips
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Other ways

There are many ways to anchor a braclet when working on it.


You can clip it to a board, table, etc.

And wrap the extra string around the clip so it doesn't get tangled so u can do your bracelet anywhere!

Other ways

1. Use duct tape to attach it to your leg, clothing, or anywhere else. (Works well for on the go)

2. Use a safety pin to attach it. This also works good for attaching to bed covers. (Works well for on the go;my favorite way)

3. Use big clips to attach to solid sufaces (Good for at home)

4. Use a binder. Use the end of your string (near the knot) and tie around one of the binder clips. You can also punch holes in your pattern to be slipped in the binder. (Good for school)

5. Tie around your toe (self explanatory)

6. Have a friend hold it.

7. If you are working at a laptop on a table desk, try taping it with ducktape and then placing computer over and then go to the pattern u are working on.

8. Clip the knot behind the clip on a clipboard.

9. Use a plastic bottle, open the cap, put the string inside leaving the rest you'll be work on, then close the cap.

10. Safety pin or tie it to your shoelaces. I find this works well if I'm in a rush and don't mind looking stupid.


The original author of this tutorial is danaculs but it was also edited by Stefan, cooljewls, asma13, lachikita04, k_marie, yummymeats and Foz.

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