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(( How to... )) Make Your Own ''Bobbins''

Do all your threads tangle when they are in storage? Do the tabs on them fall off leaving your thread to unravel? Do you want a quick alternative which you don't have to leave your house for? Well you don't have to deal with this anymore!!! Flat thread bobbins are your answer! And you don't need to go out to the shop to buy them!
Follow this tutorial to make your own.... storage bobbins!

What you need:
- Card
- Glue (glue stick or PVA glue)
- Scissors
- Printable Bobbin Template (Links below)
- Your Threads

find a printable bobbin, mine are from this website :
http://molliejohanson.com/wildolive/ThreadBobbins.pdf (but you can get them from wherever you want)
Once you've printed out your bobbin, glue the whole sheet to a piece of card, making sure you put glue in the middle of the sheet aswell as round the edges.

It's easier if you trim the individual bobbins into squares so you can cut out the bobbins easier.

Cut out the bobbins on the lines given. If the paper template seems loose, add more glue so it's secure.

Cut two lines into the top of the bobbin at a slight inward angle, this is to hold the start and end of your thread so it doesn't unravel.

Your bobbin is complete, now you just need to wind your thread around it.

And You Are Done!


The original author of this tutorial is Aleex17 but it was also edited by Kestrel, k_marie, thematt711 and kleinevos.

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