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(( Embellishments )) Beaded Chevron Bracelet

This is a simple Bracelet, where you follow the chevron pattern.

You need 6 strings, about 40 inches in length, folded in half to make 12 string total. You will also need beads, probably about 200 of them, and you probably want to use the ones that are somewhat small.

You split your strings in half in half.

Take the first string on left and make five forwards on the first half

Then take last string on right and make five backwards on the second half, then connect them in the center with either a forward or backward knot.

Take 5 beads, skip the first string, and put it on the second, skip 3rd, put it on 4th, skip 5th, and put one on the 2 center strings. skip 8th, put a bead on the 9th, skip ten, bead on 11, and skip 12.

Next you take the first string to the left, make 5 forwards. then take last string on the right and make 5 backwards, then connect middle, with either a forward know or backward. doesn't matter.

You repeat till your bracelet is long enough.

The finished product:


Knot all your strings onto the most left and most right strings instead of using those strings for making the knots.
The side that's facing you while knotting will be the back of the bracelet. ( Or use reversed knots so you can see the good side while knotting. )

Or from the middle to the sides :


The original author of this tutorial is samanthaa but it was also edited by Foz, k_marie, Kestrel, kleinevos and piggyfan2.

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