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(( Projects )) Cute & Easy Wire Flower

You can make this as a necklace or bracelet or key chain

Things you will need
- wire (its at the dollar store)
-little beads (is at the dollar store)
-string optional

So put 5 middle beads you like on the wire

Tie this 2 times if you cant see its just 1 knot

And then you have your center then put 12 petal beads of your choice on the wire

And then put the wire through the bead below the petal and pull NOTE:you will be doing this for all 5 center beads

There is your petal

Then do that again know you should have something like this and feel free to ask questions

Then again know you have three REPEAT STEP 3 TILL YOU HAVE 5 PETALS

Then again

Now i will show you how to end it just make 2 knots and hide it behind the flower

Now you have your flower



The original author of this tutorial is rockenpiggies but it was also edited by MeerkatsRule10 and k_marie.

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