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(( Projects )) How to make a shoelace

Table of contents
1 - What you will need
2 -
~Patterns to use~
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Before I start, I want to give thanks to maddystyles21. She wrote a guestbook entry about shoelaces, and gave me this idea for a tutorial.

What you will need

A whole skien of string, a bottle of fingernail polish.

~Patterns to use~

You can use the double chain knot bracelet, chinese staircase, very thin candy stripe or a small alpha pattern. (I recommend the small alpha.) The fishtail bracelet from the tutorial for the fishtail bracelet(not fishtail braid) also works well.


For the desired length estimate, measure the length of your previous shoelace for a estimate of how long yours should be.

But when you start this bracelet, do NOT start with a buckle. Just tie a knot a centimeter or two from the top and pin it and start the bracelet.


So now, lets say your done and now its time to make an aglet. (The plastic thing on the end of a shoelace)
Untie the knot from the beginning, and twist it a little and make sure that all the strings are together.
Untwist the cap from the fingernail polish and dip the end of the bracelet in. Let it dry. Then repeat on the opposite side.

*This homemade aglet may not be as strong as the one on your shoelaces right now so be careful with it.*

I suggest clear fingernail polish, but you can use solid colors if you feel wild! :)


The original author of this tutorial is _HakunaMatata_ but it was also edited by k_marie and squeaker14.

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