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(( Embellishments )) Ball Chain Wrap Bracelet

I was searching around YouTube for some awesome bracelets to make and I found a tutorial to make these.

These are the final product of my efforts... so far.

25 inches of 2 or 3mm leather or waxed cotton cord*
6 inches of ball chain or crystal chain*
waxed cotton, hemp or any other string 1mm or thinner (I'm still not sure how much to use, I just use a whole skein to wrap then cut after I'm finished)
Optional: a hex nut or bead to end the bracelet
*These measurements are for a 7-8 inch bracelet

*I did not make these videos, but I used them to create these bracelets*

This video shows how to make the bracelet wrap multiple times, but does not have a very strong/secure ending.

This is my personal favorite way to make these bracelets.

This video shows how to make it wrap around your wrist twice.

I prefer the second video, because it is, in my opinion, more sturdy (if you watch both videos, you'll see why).

Alternate Way to Finish the Bracelet
I'm referring to the second video listed when I mention a video.
Before starting the bracelet, take the thicker background cord and fold it in half.
Thread the hex nut or bead on the thread and pull it to the middle.

Start the bracelet like the video says.
Then, when you finish wrapping around the ball chain, wrap the thread like the video said but on the last wrap, tie a knot and apply a dab of super glue.
After the glue dries, measure the space needed for the nut to pass through and knot the end to make a "loop".

Make two of these loops to create and adjustable bracelet.

Thanks for viewing! I can answer any questions you have!--K8e92


The original author of this tutorial is K8e92 but it was also edited by k_marie and Kestrel.

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