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(( Embellishments )) Embellished Bracelet Using Rhinestone Chain/Broken Jewelry

I only started making friendship bracelets recently and I really wanted to add a little something "extra" to my bracelets, when I searched for embellished bracelets I got a bunch of great ideas but the only tutorial I found said to glue chains/rhinestone chains to the top of your bracelet and stitch in-between the "gaps" of the stones or to secure a chain in place and I just don't like how that looks so I tried something new.

I decided to go with a really simple pattern because I didn't want to make things super-complicated. I went with a basic rag-rug pattern (which I have linked below) using a bunch of cool-colors. I'm sure you can do whatever pattern you'd like with as many strings as you'd like, possibly even multiple chains, but I wanted things to be simple at first =) I chose to go with 16 strings so it wouldn't be too wide or too narrow so I can still see the pattern but not take too much away from the "sparkle".

Start and end your bracelet however you'd like.

I ordered my 16 strings (8 colors, two strings of each color) randomly to keep things interesting, so I came up with:

Navy Blue, Dark Blue, Lime Green, Purple, White, Light Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Green, White, Lime Green, Medium Blue, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Navy Blue.

Then I did forward-knots all the way across

I followed that with a row of backwards-knots, then another row of forwards-knots continuing the pattern before adding my chain. I used a broken rhinestone chain I had from some cheap jewelry that I wasn't going to be able to use for anything else, one end had a hole to make it easy to thread it onto my bracelet to start but if you can't find something like it you can use a safety pin to hold the first stone in place and continue after this step. I wanted my rhinestones to be centered so I laced them on my two middle strings (dark green and white).

I simply continued the backwards-knots to lock the chain in place, then forwards-knots, then with the next row of backwards knots I made sure the knot went OVER the chain so there was a knot on top concealing the start of the chain.

I used the forwards-knots to "lock" the stone in place on either side...

I continued the basic forwards/backwards rag rug pattern making sure that if a stone was going to show on top, the knots were tied BEHIND the chain...

...then when it came to the backwards knot that would be just below the stone I made sure it was in FRONT of the chain to lock the stone in place just like I did before to hide the start so it would hide the gaps between the stones.

I simply continued the pattern until I got to the end which didn't have the same loop that the beginning of my chain did, so I just kept going with my pattern locking the last stone in place making sure to knot behind with the backwards-knots, using the forwards-knots to lock in the sides. Once the rows started showing past my stones, I did an additional 3 rows then ended my bracelet but you can make yours as long/short as you want.

I ended mine by making two braids on each end and doing a few square knots over them so I can easily wear and remove my bracelet.

**Sorry if it's a little confusing, this is my first bracelet tutorial and I already wish I took a few more pictures ughh**


The original author of this tutorial is ClaireBearx3 but it was also edited by Kestrel and k_marie.

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