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(( Closures )) Adjustable bracelet and an easy way of fastening your bracelet

Table of contents
1 - Buckle for adjustable bracelet size
2 -
Buckle with 2 loops

Buckle for adjustable bracelet size

To make the adjustable bracelet you have to know how to make the square knot used in macrame. And also the overhand knot.

You can see the square knot here: square knot

When you start your bracelet, don't make a buckle. Just tie it as normal and then make braids or square knots at both ends. The pattern part of the bracelet should be about 3/4 of your wrist, leaving 1/4 to make the adjustable knot.

1. This is how it should look like at both ends . Don't worry about if it will fit you just yet. I usually make the braided ends about the same length as the bracelet itself.
2. Fold one end towards the other.
3. Fold the other end towards the first.
4. You now have a circle.
5. Secure this either by using pins, tape or a clipboard, like I've done.
6. Add another string and lay it underneath both braided parts. I've used a red one to make what I'm doing more visible, but you should use a color that suits your bracelet. From this point on, think of the 2 braided parts as a holding cord. While the newly added string (the red one) is your working cord.

7. Use the red string to make a square knot.
8. Make several square knots. Remember to not make them to tight, as the braided parts need to be able to slip through easily.
9. You can either leave the square knots loose like showed in picture 8, or you can push them together like this.
10. Make an overhand knot on each end as close to the square knots as possible.
11. Cut off the strings as close to the overhand knot as possible. Use clear nail polish to avoid the strings from fraying or use superglue to fasten them to the square knots, so you don't have 2 "dots" sticking out.
12. This is how it looks now.

13. As you can see you can move the square knots around by pulling the braided parts.
14. Now, put it onto where your hand is widest and tighten it. Take it off your hand carefully so you don't accidentally tighten it some more or let it get looser.
15. Make an overhand knot on each of the braided ends as close to the square knots as possible.
16. Cut off the leftover string and secure the ends from fraying by using nail polish or whatever you prefer.

Tip: I tend to make them a little bit tighter than my hand, since most my bracelets tend to get looser after a while.

This is the finished product. I took off the red string and used the leftover purple and blue string I had from tying. (If you're like me and always cut the strings too long, you should have a lot of extra string lying around, which you can use for this). I also added a couple of beads.

Buckle with 2 loops

This is an easy method for fastening your bracelet without having loose strings hanging from your wrist.

This is maybe my favorite way of fastening the bracelet. What you do is you separate your strings into 2 groups. You then start braiding each group separately, before you braid them together, leaving a hole in the middle. The hole showed in this picture is very big, since I've braided each string to much, but it was just to show how it's done. You do this on each side. The braided part from the hole to the overhand knot at the end should be about 4-5cm, depending on how big the pattern on your bracelet is compared to your wrist.

This one shows how it should look like with the holes at both ends of the bracelet. The 3 other pictures shows how it should look like when it's done. What you do to fasten it is just pull each end into the hole on the opposite side. This will make a "lock". Just make sure that the knots at the end is not to big to fit into the hole, or so small that they slip out.

If you need more help there are plenty of tutorials including this one:

Hope this tutorial makes sense, you can also do this same thing but with forward knots...like the chinese staircase bracelet...I beleive Kallum has a tutorial on this :)

Another Even Easier Way To Fasten Your Bracelet!

this is similar to the tutorial above, but even easier, because all you need is one bead to fasten your bracelet and to make sure it doesn't come off !

First your going to braid, or double chain knot the ends of your bracelet, then take your bead and place one end in.

Next your going to take a tooth pick or a pin and shove the other end in so when you pull both ends, it becomes tighter or loose.

Last your going to tie a knot on each end of the braided ends so that the beads don't come of, and your done ! now you have a cute way of securing your bracelet, and it takes less time ! I also suggest that before you use it, you should play with it a little to make sure that it won't get stuck when it is on yours, or someone else's, wrist.

This tutorial was made by Anthia and autumnrose123


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