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(( Embellishments )) Chinese Staircase With Beads

How to make Chinese Staircase Bracelets with Beads:
You start with at least 3 strings (different colors to your liking) tie a knot to begin with and start a chinese staircase. After several knots, split the strings - two on one side and one on the other. The two on one side should consist of the color you are doing now and the color you are going to do next. Take the string that you are currently knotting with and put the bead in/on it. Then after that, group the 3 strings together again and continue the chinese staircase with the next color. And repeat until you have your desired length. Then tie off.

For thicker ones add more strings. It also helps for durability.

by: imcrazy4kittehs


How to Make Chinese Staircase Bracelets With Beaded Flowers

This is a really cute bracelet, or you can tie it onto your bag for school like i do.
What you need is:
- 4 strings (any color, but green looks like a stem so... that's what I will use)
- seed beads or pony beads (any colors)

Step 1: You start with a set of chinese staircase (approximately 6 knots)
Step 2: Separate the strings into 3 sections - 1 string on the right, 1 string on the left, and 2 strings in the center
Step 3: String one seed bead onto the two strings in the center
Step 4: Then put 3 beads onto the string on the left, and 3 on the strand on the right
Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 until you reach your desired length

by: PinkiePie17


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