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(( How to... )) Organize When You Are Reading Patterns

So when you are making a big pattern...maybe like 15 or more strings, you kinda forget where you are so get a piece of paper and 2 paper clips. Then print out the pattern make it small, but also readable.

Ok so now you have these items 2 paper clips (or any other kind of clip), a piece of paper, and a print-out of the pattern you want (small, but readable).

So now get the paper and line it up on the first line of the pattern. Now get the paper clips and use them to hold the pattern and the paper together. So every time you are finished a line you just move the paper down and when you are finished repeat these steps and then you will always be organized with your patterns and your bracelet or key chain will look great and neat!!!

[i] P.S. When you are done with the piece of paper recycle it or reuse it because "We recycle".

Also another way to organize when you are reading patterns is if you have a laptop with Microsoft word, because you can copy and paste the pattern on Word and then search on Google a black square or wallpaper. Then use the black square to cover up the rest of the pattern, and only show the line that you are working on. And when you are done that line move the black square down and then it will be easier to read and you won't be confused.

If you are confused...please feel free to PM Chubby_Turtle2

You can also use a sticky note or sticky piece of paper if you don't have paper clips.


The original author of this tutorial is Chubby_Turtle2 but it was also edited by Carrie and k_marie.

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