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(( Projects )) How to make a butterfly

This tutorial will show you how to tie a beautiful butterfly :)
Result should look something like this:

How to tie this:
- you should know the basic knots, and how to tie multicolor normal bracelets.
- this is almost the same as the Zig zag-bracelet. If in trouble, look here too.
1. Start with about 6 strings and tie them into a small loop.
2. Take your first string, and make 5 forward knots.
3. Now go get your first string and tie 5 forward knots again, and repeat this till its at your desired length.
4. after you do steps 2 and 3 about 5 to 6 times, its time to change direction. (depends on how many strings, and how big you want it)
5. To turn around, you take the far right string, (the one you were just working with) and do 5 backwards knots. and just repeat that the same number of times as you did the first part of the wing.
6. the next wing is The bigger wings, just go forward about 8-10 times, and backwards the same number. Make 2 bigger wings, then another smaller one.
7. When you're done, connect to the small loops at the bottom of your wings.
- Black line= connect these parts.
- You can easlily add more colors/ treads once you understand how this works. ;)
- You can also try doing other patterns, by using other types of knots!
Note: it will probably not be completely flat.

Also, check out this:
Youtube video.

Turn the sound off, and just watch if you don't speak spanish.


The original author of this tutorial is Lailit but it was also edited by Squishy5454, samanthaa, Foz, K8e92 and k_marie.

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