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(( Projects )) Turn Your Extra String Into A Little Ball

Any Extra String That Is To Short For Bracelets You Don't Have to Throw Out. Just Get Some Liquid Starch, A Small Balloon, A Bowl And Your Extra Thread.

Step One:

Pour Liquid Starch In The Bowl.

Step 2:

Blow Up The Balloon.

Step 3:

Put One String Into A The Bowl With Liquid Starch.

Step 4:

Take Out The String And Put It On The Balloon.

Step 5:

Keep Doing This Till You Think Its Enough.

Step 6:

Let The String Dry.

Step 7: Pop The Balloon.

Now You have A Nice Decorative Ball.

Here is a video tutorial made by BeyondBracelets:


The original author of this tutorial is ZeNinjaKitty but it was also edited by K8e92, kirsten78307 and k_marie.

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