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(( Projects )) Crocheted Beaded Bracelet


Skein of Yarn
Crochet Needle/Stick

1.) Put your beads and put it through the yarn.
2.) Make a loop with the end of the yarn.
3.) Flip the loop over, and pull the middle yarn.
4.) Place the loop over the needle and pull.
5.) Put the end piece to the side. The piece that is attached to the skein, wrap around the needle.
6.) Place the hook part of the needle and go through the bottom loop, which is your first chain stitch!
7.) Do 10 chain stitches.
8.) Time for the bead. Slide it to your needle.
9.) Now do a chain stitch. Now your bead is locked in your bracelet! (:
10.) Keep doing 10 more, then add a bead!
11.) When you get to end, take the needle out of the hoop, and cut the long string from the skein. Pull it through your loop, tight.

There you go! Comment, Post Pictures, and Enjoy! (:

Pictures will be posted of how to do this where you upload your work. (:

*You can use wire, stretchy cord instead of yarn, or even add a button or charm or too! (;

Here's a video to give you guys some idea - Acid


The original author of this tutorial is bracegal99 but it was also edited by k_marie and Acid.

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