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(( How to... )) Bracelet Binder

Table of contents
1 - Supplies
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Using Binder to Create Bracelets
   3.0 -
Binder Ring Method
   3.1 -
Clip Method

How to make a portable bracelet binder!
Great to keep yourself organized, and everything in the same place.


- 3 Ring Binder (1in-2in should suffice)
- Pouch that fits into binder
- Patterns
- string
- scissors
- 3 hole punch (optional - for inserting patterns into binder)
- Note book (optional)
- Folder (optional)


1: Hole punch patterns or put them into folder(s)
2: Put patterns/folders into binder
3: Put separate folder into binder. Will be used for orders/requests
4: Place sting into pouch (or folder if you choose)

Using Binder to Create Bracelets

Binder Ring Method

1: Cut string, tie it to a ring on the binder
2: Make bracelet
3: Open binder to remove bracelet

Clip Method

Using a black chunky clip or something similar, you can attach your bracelet to the front of your binder in order to keep it anchored. This works even better if your binder has the clear pouches on the outside of the binder to insert your current pattern in.


The original author of this tutorial is gleker72699 but it was also edited by Katie_Kat, gracebri, Ducttape10, RockePloeger, Kestrel and k_marie.

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