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(( Embellishments )) Buttons!!

This Is A Tutorial To Show You How To Add Cute Buttons To Help Fasten Your Bracelet!

First, what you need to have is a loop or a Buckle at the beginning of your bracelet. The purpose of the buttons is so you can take the bracelet on and off, and still have it look adorable ^.^

The first step after your bracelet is finished, is to either tie a knot at the end or braid. Your choice. Save some string so you can add the buttons! But if you do decide to braid, take the remaining ends and tie them in a knot. This just gives the strings stability so the knots won't come undone.

After you tie the last knot, take 2 strings away. These are the strings you are going to use to tie your button to the bracelet.

Take the button and put the end of the first string through the back and then put the end through the other hole.

Take the second string and put it through the second hole from the back of the button. Then put it through the first hole.

After the strings are through the holes, take the ends of the strings and pull, so the button slides to the knot.

Then, turn the bracelet over and tie the two strings into knots. I usually tie them about 5 or 6 times.

Finally, cut the remaining strings so they won't be visible. And to make sure the knot doesn't come undone, I put some clear nail polish over the knot.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!


The original author of this tutorial is Myoujou but it was also edited by Gracie04 and k_marie.

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