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(( Closures )) Seamless Tie

I was asked to make a tutorial on how to make a "seamless" tie, This method does take a bit more time but I like the way it looks. I will do my best but please forgive me if its not the greatest becasue I am about as sharp as a marshmallow! :-D

First I suggest to measure the wrist of the recipient, I usually just cut a string to the right length and have it handy for reference.

To have it appear seamless you need to pick a pattern that repeats so you are going to end at the very last line of the pattern.

It is very important that the first row of knots is a straight line. To do this I cut the strings and place them on a piece of tape in the correct order (this also helps me keep from getting confused) leaving about 4 inches left on the top to tie with then add another piece of tape on top to sandwich the strings.

Tie the bracelet until it will completely go around the wrist making sure it ends at the second last line of the pattern.

When you finish you should see that the strings are in the same exact color order on both ends.

Place the bracelet on the wrist inside out with the back facing up and the good side touching the persons wrist.

Tie the first string to the matching one on the other side, make sure that the knot is pulled tight!! I usually tie two or three knots in each string, then tie the second and third till you have tied each string. I then tie the end strings to a string about 3 strings over to prevent them from poking out.

Cut the strings pretty close to the knots and then put fingernail polish or superglue on the knots you just tied to prevent them from fraying or coming undone.

When the nailpolish or glue has dried flip the bracelet inside out so now the good side is up.


The original author of this tutorial is Gracin74 but it was also edited by Sareana, ririttt and Kestrel.

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