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(( Projects )) Awareness Ribbon

With pattern number, 5458, you can make an awareness ribbon!


Embroidery Floss/Yarn: 2 colors (whatever works for you)
Safety Pin

Do a knot at the top, the space from the knot and the space should be about 5 centimeters.

Then, you will make this pattern about 9.5 centimeters long. :

After you made the required length, now you fold the pattern in a ribbon like
, but of course ours is going to be homemade.

Take the safety pin and put it through the middle of the folded ribbon. (be careful you don't poke yourself!)
Then you can cut the extra string on the bottom.

There is your awareness ribbon! Enjoy, you can make this with any colors. You can pin it to your clothes, school bags, bags, whatever you like (:
Any questions, let me know!
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The original author of this tutorial is bracegal99 but it was also edited by neex1233, Ducttape10 and k_marie.

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