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(( Projects )) How to make a Chinese Knotted (Macramé) Dragonfly!

To make a dragonfly, you need :
-1 long piece (about 1-2 feet long) of "rat-tail" string/cord
-Two beads of your color choice! (preferably as large as pony beads, and not glass beads)

Step 1:
Fold your piece of cord in half, so that the loose ends are at the top and the folded end and the bottom, nearest to you. String the two beads on, but leave several inches of space from the bottom (about 4-5 inches)

Step 2:
Make one macramé knot. Take the string from the left and place it under the two strings. Then, taking the string from the right, put it over the two strings and through the loop you made on the left. Make another one of those knots. Now you have the eyes secured in place!!

Step 3:
Make another macramé knot, but leave a bit of space, and leave the knot a bit loose. Make another macramé knot, and push the knots up toward the bead "eyes".

Step 4:
Repeat Step 3, but leave a smaller amount of space.

Step 5:
Keep going until you have about 1 or 2cm left of the loop you were tying on. Then, take your scissors, cut off the remaining ends of the strings, and cut the loop so you have two ends sticking out at the bottom.

Now you have your Dragonfly!! Have fun experimenting with the beads and colors!!


The original author of this tutorial is crazyawesome but it was also edited by Huntress and k_marie.

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