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(( Projects )) How to make sweety turtles

For the turtles we need:
-4 strings of 45 cm (18 inches)
-again, 4 strings 45 cm (18 inches0
-2 strings of 60 cm (24 inches)
-2 strings of 50 cm (20 inches)

Start with the head. Take the 60 cm strings and fold them in half. Now, take the 50 cm strings and put them like in the pic.

Repeat what is in the picture 4-5 times,(box knots) till you have a knotted section long enough to fold in two.

If you don't understand the pic try with this:

Put the middle section through the loop:

And push the knots to the end of the loop.
Bend the part with knots in two.

Do another box knot to create the head.

Set aside and now we will make the hands.
The the first 4 45 cm strings

Now follow the pictures.
ATTENTION!! The string are not separate but are tied in twos and each is 45 cm.

It's the box knot.

Do the box knot about of 2-3 times. If you make 5 knots on the head make 3 knots on the hand to create one hand.

Now to this again and you have the other hand.

ATTENTION!! The strings are not separate but are tied in twos and each is 45 cm.

Now we attach the hand.

This is an alpha knot.

Attach the other hand. Continue tying knots until there are 5 on each side.

Next is the shell

This is the model:

Now we take the 6 string and tie knots.

The knots is the knots of the name bracelets!!

Take the next string and do knots.

Now again and again with the other strings until you've finished the shell

Now take the first string from the left and do knots on him like that:

ATTENTION!! Let the knots than larger.Not much but little.

Now take the 2 outer strings and tie a knot on them with every other string on the row

Need to look like this:

You should be able to pull these strings tight to make the shell.

Tie these together a few times to make a tail.
Make a knot with the 2 strings from the middle.

Next is the legs. Make the same knot as you did on the hands 2-3 times. If you knotted three times on the hands, knot three times on the legs so they don't look different.

Repeat on the other leg.

Put some glue or nail polish on the legs and tail to secure the knots.

After the glue is dry then you can cut the strings.

Now your turtle is done :D

For those who don't understand the tutorial, here are some videos:

This is RenataRebeca's tutoial, please respect that and don't edit unless you know what you're doing. :) ~ringette08

If you have questions for me send me a mesage(RenataRebeca)
I hope you understand and like my tutorial.


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